We present ourselves with a friendly demeanor while working with our clients, machine operators, maintenance personnel, vendors, and customers. A good relationship helps us to be more efficient and quickens our goals.



Save time and money. Our customers expect the most out of what they pay us, and we like to deliver. Get in, get the job done in an efficient manner, and move on. This saves both time and money, decreases down time, and reduces the end invoice.



We can improve your process, record Key performance indicators, and analyze machine data to improve efficiency, increase quality, and produce more. An efficient industrial process will not only increase production and quality, but will also reduce downtime and can even let you predict failures before they happen.

Our Latest News Update

  • Drive System Upgrade

    Upgrade outdated drives to ethernet based phase lock system.
  • Machine Move

    Coordinated electrical and mechanical machine moves
  • Machine Move

    Coordinated electrical and mechanical machine moves
  • Machine Move

    Coordinated electrical and mechanical machine moves
  • Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting complex control systems
  • It Takes A Team

    Working together!

Meet The Team

Jason Brazington


Jason was trained by the Navy to repair and program Combat Control Systems on board nuclear submarines. He continued his career in electronics evolving into complex industrial automation. Not much difference really, pneumatics, hydraulics, motors, and computers all working together to achieve a goal.

Bennett Richardson

Vice President

Bennett is an extremely talented and skilled electrician. He has worked as city inspector and knows the codes. Bennet takes pride in the quality of work he performes, and it shows. you would be hard pressed to find a friendlier person with strong morals and work ethics that exceed many around him.

Tracey Brazington


Although Secretary is her official title, Tracey is affectionately called Wifetary by her husband. Tracey has spent many years working in the school system and brings her organizational skills and talents to A-1 Motion. She keeps us straight, helps us stayed focused, and insures we perform efficiently.

Brad Fuquay

Automation Specialist

Brad has been in the automation business for more than 18 years. He has strengthened his talents with heavy hitter companies like Miller Coors, Ball Corporation, Sapa Hydro, and Glen Raven. Brad is very efficient with Allen Bradly PLC's and software. We love the tenacity and persistances Brad brings to our team.

About Us

A-1 Motion & Design, Inc. was created with a vision. Find ways to help manufacturing in our community succeed by increasing production, lowering costs, and reducing failures. This would help manufacturing become more competitive, increase orders, and produce more jobs. Strong manufacturing in our community will help build a strong community.

A-1 Motion & Design works with many industries, such as Textiles, Automotive, Printing, Packaging, Extrusion, Injection and blow molding, and many more. We constantly monitor and learn the latest technologies. We meet with manufacturing representatives to learn about the latest offerings. We love all things related to manufacturing automation.

A-1 Motion & Design's middle name is "Motion," because we know how to make things move. We can help you with your drive applications, AC Drives, DC Drives, Steppers, Servos, and brushless DC. We also love to use fancy words, like phase locking, flux vector, Constant Tension Center Winding, and Linear trapezoidal Motion.

We have worked on and designed applications using practically all PLC systems, such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Koyo, Automation Direct, Bardac drive.web, and more. We have designed Productivity tracking, integrated Standard Operating Procedures automatically, displayed smart troubleshooting with informative diagnostics “Check Limit Switch”, created historical trending of process controls for standardized usage, we know how to keep you in the know, to reduce down time, and to improve energy use. We know because we have been there and done that.

We are chasing our dream, and succeeding. Let us help you achieve your dreams.

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